About Us

I am a South Bay Area resident.
I'm an IT professional by the day, in the mould of most other Silicon Valley residents. However, my camera and I are inseparable once I drop my work. You would have seen me around in the neighborhood. Shooting the spring blossom or a kids game at the local grounds. With my two kids I always have a camera in my hand ready for something.

Inspired by photography
The great thing about photography is it captures moments in life that can never be replaced. Have you ever tried cleaning your house and ended up watching old photo albums for hours? Messy house? Blame it on those photos!
Every time you look back through old photographs there is something new. An old photo that you hated could bring tears many years later.
I strive to capture people in their environment, with natural expressions. I photograph on location, with natural, or simple lighting arrangements.

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